This is not a flowery time of the year – drought and chilly weather have made sure of that – so what is there of interest to see in my garden at the moment? My nine-year-old granddaughter took me on a tour.

We saw tiny weeds pushing their way through cracks in the bricks surrounding our swimming pool.

A ‘rumpled’ feather of a Laughing Dove on what passes for the lawn.

A newly unfurled leaf on the Delicious Monster.

Another feather among the dried leaves that crunch under foot.

Knobs on the trunk of the Erythrina caffra.

An interesting looking lemon.

Pegs on the wash line.

Which goes to show that there is always something interesting to see if we are willing to look!


20 thoughts on “WINTER GARDEN

  1. Absolutely right!

    Well, generally. I mean, those pegs? Which of you chose them to look at closely? Although . . . why, yes, there is something interesting even there:

    -the loner, the nonconformist, the crowd pleaser (look at me), the would-be leader.
    -the cultural sensibilities contrast ( ek, don’t touch me vs let’s lock arms and go for a stroll
    -And then the variety of colors when the same pieces of wood are left to weather.
    And that thick taut line . .

    Nine-years olds are quite perceptive. Who would have thought to take a tour like that. Very nice.

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  2. The knobs on a tree I’d never heard of were the most interesting thing to me here. A tree that turns out to be the Official Tree of Los Angeles, California, no less! Who would have guessed that…. I read that the bumps are thorns, which are sharper on younger branches.


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