Move off the National Roads in the Eastern Cape into the rural areas and you will experience a variety of roads and spectacular landscapes. This is the dirt road leading through bush covered scenery towards Riebeek East

Actually, the surface of this road was mostly in better condition than some of the tarred roads that are pitted with deep potholes in places. These are not visible in this view of the R61 leading towards Tarkastad, which you can see stretching ahead towards the mountains in the distance.

Narrow rural roads are characterised by low level bridges, such as this one on the road through the Baviaans Valley.

The picture below illustrates the type of landscape that some of these roads cut through.

The fleshy leaved plants near the top of the picture are Aloe striata which have not yet come into bloom.



  1. The 3rd picture could be a painting. (Intended as a compliment, though it might seem a strange one to a person who doesn’t think of photography as “taking pictures.”)

    I like the last picture too. Your mention of “fleshy leaves” lead me on to imagine the giant rounded rocks as beings desperately crawling over each other to be freed from imprisonment in the earth. No, really. (Also a compliment)


    • Thank you: I often wish I could paint a scene such as you mention! The last picture provides an interesting glimpse of what lies underneath the surface landscape.


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