The Urban Herd(s) continue to expand their territory and are becoming an increasing menace on the streets. These cows are making short work of the Strelitzia growing on the verge opposite my back gate.

This is one of the same herd that has moved further along the street.

A fine looking bull is browsing on a Bitou bush next to the road on the edge of town.

While driving through a less salubrious part of town, we came across this cow and its attendant Cattle Egret ā€“ it is easy to see why the cattle prefer private gardens and school sports fields!

This is in sharp contrast to this one grazing on a grassy verge in the suburbs ā€“ also with a Cattle Egret in attendance.

And this healthy looking bull just off the highway, on a ridge overlooking town.

Our latest tally whilst driving through town recently was four herds of cattle that together totalled over sixty head ā€“ all in an excellent condition. The Urban herd has become an unstoppable phenomenon we have to be on a constant lookout for.


12 thoughts on “THE URBAN HERD AGAIN:2

    • The difference is that you deer are wild i.e. belong to no-one, whereas these cattle all have owners. I agree that both are hazardous to traffic and cause damage to private gardens,


  1. I don’t understand why some farmer doesn’t “rustle” the cattle into his own herd and farm. Would n’t they have some value as livestock…? If not, in the U.S. a non-profit rescue organization would be formed — but maybe not, because the movie stars are supporting the rescue of horses, which are more glamorous. In India, I thought the cows on the loose had something to do with Hinduism, though I wondered if they were being milked by someone… There, they wouldn’t be killed for meat, but in your country, I don’t see why not.


  2. Is this a tradition or condoned innovation?

    (We have our own version, fewer but faster moving: large cars that spew gunfire on certain inner city streets. The important people don’t approve, but haven’t worked out a solution either. )


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