My father bought a farm in 1952, naming it Dunduff after the farm his ancestors had owned in Scotland. Initially he was offered a 1925 McCormack Deering for ₤100, but turned it down as it was too expensive. As years passed by, my eldest brother purchased the same tractor for £1 and spent a lot of time getting it into running order. Here is a picture of my father ploughing one of the lands with this tractor.

Among the happiest memories I have of my Dad are when he was driving a tractor (later models than this one) on the farm.


15 thoughts on “AN EARLY TRACTOR

  1. Around that time my dad almost bought a farm in Ohio. I was thrilled. I would have pictured myself on a tractor except that the ysar before, I crashed a friend’s dad’s tractor through a fence–city kid pretending knowledge of farm life. I enjoy your family stories and pictures.

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  2. Love the old tractors with the iron wheels – my maternal grandfather also had a few implements from the same and older vintage preserved on his farm near Trichardt, intending to donate them to a museum, but sadly these were stolen soon after his death when my Ouma moved off the farm.

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  3. Here in Iowa WHO-Radio sponsors a 3-day tractor ride for vintage tractors There are also shorter ones, but I have yet to get to watch one. I love old tractors. Kids in 4-H and FFA (both for rural kids) display tractors they’ve displayed at the Iowa State Fair. Your post even spurred me to work on a story about the tractors in my family!


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