You will probably get a glut of information about the current fate of rhinos – wherever they occur. It is a species that is so endangered in the wild that it may be on the road to extinction! I am not going to add to the grim news, but have chosen to use World Rhino Day to celebrate these magnificent creatures.

Many groups, including schools, arrange activities to create awareness about rhinos and collect funds for their protection. The photograph below was printed on t-shirts sold for funds.

In various parts of South Africa recently a Rhino Run was held – people paying to participate in running or walking various distances.

Happy Rhino Day 2018



  1. Wonderlike foto’s, Anne! Dis vir my een van die fassinerendste diere op aarde en hulle moet gekoester word soos goud. Gelukkig is daar altyd mense wat ingryp en hopelik wen ons teen die euwels van onnoselheid en hebsug.


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