The arrival of spring in the Addo Elephant National Park is dramatic. Look at this vast expanse of yellow:

The veld is illuminated all over by the beautiful bushes of Karoo Gold (Rhigozum obovatum):

Among the swathe of yellow are little patches of purple and mauve, made up of Wild Verbena (Pentanisia prunelloides) and Blue Karoo Daisies (Felicia filifolia):

There are also rivulets of the Common Gazania (Gazania krebsiana):

It is a lovely time of the year to celebrate the arrival of spring in the wild!



  1. I bet that Rhigozum obovatum would do well here in dry California. Probably some vineyard owner has it in my county! I like its relatively large flowers, and the clear yellow. I have Gazania in my garden…


    • If you could get it, it probably would: according to http://pza.sanbi.org/rhigozum-obovatum, “Rhigozum obovatum is an ideal shrub or small tree to bring life to gardens in dry areas where water is in short supply and garden maintenance is low. Although it looks drab during a large part of the year, it turns into a spectacular showy sight after the first rains in spring or early summer when it is covered in a mass of bright yellow flowers. When rain is sporadic it may have several flushes of bloom.”

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