Bryan, the angulate tortoise, that has made our garden his home for a number of years, has emerged from his winter hiding place to strut about the garden once more.

We have seen him eating grass and other plants in the garden, nibbling with intent before walking surprisingly fast to seek shelter from the sun. We cannot always find him for he hides so well, but it is comforting to know that he has survived the cold weather and has continued to grow.

14 thoughts on “BRYAN HAS WOKEN UP

  1. I honestly had no idea that tortoises hibernate (google tells me that brumate is actually the correct term) or maybe I just never thought about it before. This one is really handsome and his shell is still in mint condition.


    • His shell is still very smart looking – except for one edge where our family dog tried to munch him when he was a very new inhabitant of the garden. You can see a crack in the bottom picture, near the yellow leaf. It hasn’t bothered Bryan at all though.

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