This is the front facade of one of the main taxi ranks in the more industrialised side of town.

You can tell from the curved pipes coming out of the wall that this is an ablution block. The painting brightens  what would otherwise have been a drab wall of a functional building and conveys some of the vibrancy of the local minibus taxi industry: touting for passengers, waving to friends, as well as the limpness that comes from a long wait.

I was actually photographing the canalised stream below  – before taking the picture above – and inadvertently captured (albeit in the distance) part of the taxi rank that lies behind the building.

The white minibuses – there are at least six of them in the right of the photograph – are ubiquitous on our roads, transporting people over long and short distances. They tend to be a law unto themselves, so drivers need to keep a sharp eye out when seeing one of them driving nearby.


7 thoughts on “STREET ART

  1. The wall art and your commentary about minibuses remind me of several interesting anecdotes in Trevor Noah’s powerful but also humorous book about his early life, “Born a Crime.” Talk about vibrancy and the brightening of an otherwise dark story! Noah has a unique perspective Honest but not bitter, Enlightening but also amusing at times. Not so distressing as it is simply real. A child’s experiences, an adolescent’s escapades, and a mother’s resolve.

    A CD is available (possibly in your local library– that’s where I got one) of the author reading the book aloud. I recommend it. It’s history lived and told with a hopeful tone.


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