Pied Starlings (Spreo bicolor) are cheerful looking birds. There are large flocks of them both in the Mountain Zebra National Park and the Addo Elephant National Park, where they are very quick to home in on any morsel of food left behind in the rest camp.

When seeing them out in the open grasslands, one can better appreciate how well they blend in with their environment – despite the conspicuous white vent and under-tail coverts as well as the pale irises of the adult birds. We saw a number of them catching small green caterpillars in the grass next to the road.

This Pied Starling was photographed some time ago catching a spider in the Mountain Zebra National Park.



    • I think your common starling might be the same as our Common Starling (formerly known as European Starlings) – a ubiquitous bird that seems to have colonised much of the world. Our lot were introduced by Cecil John Rhodes.


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