This was one of my favourite teapots for many years. I am reluctant to get rid of it as it was a surprise gift from my children.

Over time the spout got chipped and the glazing cracked. It is such a cheerful looking tea pot though that it was in continuous use – always reminding me of the love with which it was given to me.

Then, one day I lifted the full teapot to pour a cup of tea – and the handle came away in my hand! Fortunately the teapot remained on the tray, so no harm was done.

The handle was carefully placed inside the pot – to be glued on (one day), but as the years have passed I have become more doubtful if that would be a good solution – and I have been presented with other teapots since. This teapot, however, remains on my windowsill and is sometimes used as a vase.

9 thoughts on “SEASIDE TEAPOT

  1. I had the handle of a very large teapot break off while I was holding it, and it crashed to the floor in many pieces. 😦

    I love that you still have this pot, so meaningful. Perhaps your children will fight over it when you are gone, but I wouldn’t get rid of it to prevent that happening!


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