I recently came across this interesting ‘clutch’ of eggs. At first glance I thought they were remnants of bead-work.

They weren’t in the way of foot traffic and so I kept an eye on them for several days, wondering what could have deposited them in such an orderly fashion. Alas, we have been buffeted by strong, hot Berg winds and these eggs were not the only casualty – I suspect they were simply blown away – as I found two bird’s eggs on the path:

Both look as if they had fallen from the same nest. I craned my neck, and roped in others to do the same, but no sign of that nest can we find in the tangle of branches and shrubbery above this site.


8 thoughts on “EGGS

    • The hot, dry, gusty winds are known as Berg winds in this country, they blow down from the plateau in the interior towards the coast, accompanied by high temperatures.


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