Drive through the semi-arid sections of the Eastern Cape at this time of the year and, despite the drought, you might be puzzled at first by the pinky-mauve blush of colour to be seen on the bush-covered hillsides. A closer look will reveal the very pretty flowers of the Spekboom (Portulacaria afra).

These tiny star-shaped flowers look particularly beautiful when appearing en masse.

The Spekboom tolerates poor soil and is a drought survivor, making it an ideal garden plant. Although I have had Spekboom growing (from slips) in my garden for some years now, they have yet to blossom. Perhaps it takes the plant a while to ‘settle in’, but I am looking forward to the day when they sprout some pink!

11 thoughts on “BLOOMING SPEKBOOM

  1. I was just going to lament the fact that our spekboom doesn’t want to flower when I read your last paragrapgh, Anne. Ours has been established for 5 years now and has grown quite a bit taller than me but so far not an inkling of a petal anywhere…


    • I imagine that your Spekboom, like mine, is neither potted nor cossetted but left to grow ‘naturally’. I have planted out several slips now and recall the Spekboom hedge that separated our farm lawn from the first of the lands – I cannot remember it ever flowering – and wondered if that was because it was clipped regularly. All my readings indicate that Spekboom in gardens ‘flower infrequently’, so we must celebrate when they do!

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