… and very hot! The sun sucks the moisture from the ground and desiccates the grass. It beats down on the rocks, creating shimmers of heat waves above them. The bees and flies seek whatever water they can find.

Bees and flies seeking water.

There have been recent newspaper reports on the plight of vultures in South Africa suffering from dehydration in this drought – everything needs water to survive. A tiny leak in a pipe becomes a welcome source of hydration for Pied Starlings.

Pied Starling

Even though we are at the height of summer, there is little in the way of green grass to be seen.

Black Wildebeest

In places one can only wonder how the animals find enough food to sustain them.


Beautiful vistas of the Karoo show how yellow the grass is – what will be left for winter grazing if the rains do not come?

Mountain Zebra National Park

We have spent a few glorious days camping in the Mountain Zebra National Park. It is a peaceful wonderland with an abundance of interesting birds, animals and insects to see.

Cape Mountain Zebra

The swimming pool at the rest camp is a ‘life-saver’ though after a game drive during which the temperature has soared to 38°C.

NOTE: Click on the photographs for a larger view.


22 thoughts on “IT IS DRY

  1. Dis altyd hartseer wanneer ons in ‘n droogteperiode vasgevang is. Gedurende my leeftyd was daar al ‘n hele paar sulke tydperke. Gelukkig word dit altyd weer gebreek…hopelik is dit nou gou, want dit raak ‘n krisis!


  2. Another mystery, how limiting photography can be, however beautiful. Not that I think heat and drought are worth sharing, of course. I’m glad you had some relief at the rest camp.


  3. I wish I could send you some of the rain we’re having here in NI. Perhaps not all of it as it was very dry here last summer and I don’t think the ground has really recovered. A rain dance maybe?


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