What would camping be without a braai fire? The early evenings in a campsite spawn a number of fires in various stages of completion, and the air is soon filled with the aroma of burning wood / charcoal / cooking meat. Faces are lit up by the flames, laughter abounds … later some fires are damped down as people turn in for the night, while more wood is added to others to fuel an evening of shared stories.

All begin with something small, perhaps some kindling.

This brings with it the anticipation later of coals just ready for cooking.

Sometimes, campfires also serve the purpose of thawing a beer left in the freezer for too long!

There is something magical about sitting outside in the dark, replete after a fine meal, watching the flames licking round a log and the glow of the embers in the dark.


11 thoughts on “FROM KINDLING TO COALS

    • One cannot simply gather wood or twigs in a national park in this country and must either bring in your own wood or buy bags of it there. A braai (short for braaivleis = grilled meat) is akin to your barbecue: a fire built with the purpose of grilling meat over it. It is a very popular way of cooking outdoors, both at home and when camping.


      • Right. I was remembering from childhood the forests where there was always some dead wood around. By now probably even that is restricted in our parks. Fire hazards are a very serious issue.

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  1. I love campfires, I find the flames relaxing and mesmerizing. Often marshmallows are roasted and as an option, one can put it with a square of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers, called S’mores (because you always want ‘some more.’) Have you heard of these? So tasty!


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