To the uninitiated, like me, all flying creatures of a certain shape are dragonflies. Well, that is all we knew about them as children. I later learned that some of them may also be damselflies. The latter are more delicate and their wings are usually held back along the abdomen when at rest. Dragonflies, on the other hand, hold their wings more or less at right angles to their bodies when at rest. Another interesting difference between them, which I read about in Dragonflies and Damselflies by Pat Caldwell, a field guide published by The Umgeni Valley Project, is that the eyes of dragonflies usually touch while the eyes of damselflies do not.

This visitor is definitely a dragonfly then:

What kind of dragonfly can it possibly be? Having looked through a dazzling array of dragonflies on http://www.dragonflies-id.co.za/Dragonflies_Index.html  I was astounded to find that dragonflies are further divided into Emporers, Hawkers, Emeralds, Clubtails, Presbas, Cruisers, Skimmers and Dropwings amongst others! Having drawn up a short list of five, I finally settled on this one being a Cape Skimmer (Orthetrum julia capicola) for it seems to be the closest match to the one I photographed.

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