Here is a Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus caama) sitting comfortably next to the road in the Addo Elephant National Park. Judging from the droppings surrounding it, it had been there for some time and showed no intention to move.

You can tell it has been sitting very still by looking at the flies on its eye and nose. It did not appear to be bothered by them when I parked next to it to take photographs. As you can see, these antelope have long narrow faces.

The rather soulful look of the adult can be seen in this youngster too.

Here is a mother with its calf.

NOTE: Please click on a photograph if you wish to see a larger view.


12 thoughts on “RED HARTEBEEST 2

  1. Pretty markings. Do you think he was sick or just resting? They must be used to people not to feel threatened. Is this true of most animals in Addo?
    I remember visiting Olympic National Park and the deer were so accustomed to humans that you could get about 10 feet away before they would move off.


    • Territorial bulls mark their territory with dung heaps. The animals in Addo seem to be habituated to vehicles passing through and generally do not run away unless a vehicle comes too close. One must always be wary of larger animals such as buffalo and elephants though.

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  2. great to see these photos. I am working on a farm where we make Biblical shofars, and we have a few of these animals. The shofars comes out beautifully once it is cleaned and buffed. Nice to see how the animal looks.


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