Dew is one’s greatest friend when trying to capture the intrinsic beauty of a spider’s web. The first two photographs show the webs of a type of funnel web spider. There were several of these dotted about on the course grass on the verge of the road.

Here the dew drops highlight the pattern of a different spider web on a barbed wire fence.

NOTE: Click on a photograph if you wish to get a larger view.

11 thoughts on “SPIDER WEBS

  1. Yes, dew! Wonder if the bottom one is an orb weaver’s web. I’m not a fan of spiders in general, but love watching orb weavers, although they’re very shy while they’re actually weaving–in the dark. A flashlight beam stops work abruptly.


    • It is, although I find it unusual to have so much apparently empty space in the centre – probably a particular ploy of the spider to ensnare its prey.


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