The ubiquitous mini-bus taxis are a common form of transport for rural people to get from where they live to the towns and back. Notice how this village hugs the main road. If you look carefully, you will see a tractor parked outside the rondavels on the far right.

By contrast, these horses have been in-spanned to pull a home-made wagon loaded with blue gum (Eucalyptus spp.) poles needed both for building homes and for firewood. Many of the homes we passed used outside fires for cooking or heating water for doing laundry.

Once off the tarred roads, the camber and corrugations of some of the dirt roads are such that vehicles travel on the wrong side of the road. The vehicle on the right has passengers inside the canopy with their luggage piled on top of it.

During the dry season dust is an enormous problem – after passing us, the vehicle ahead vanished in a cloud of dust! Mind you, that is probably preferable to the muddy conditions in rainy weather.

At least there were tangible signs of this rural road being resurfaced.

Some less used roads are merely tracks.

While others – this photograph does not do it justice – almost defy gravity.

‘Choose your rut’ is an option that all too frequently requires a quick decision on the part of the driver. While you are doing that, watch out for the donkeys too!

Watch out for goats too!

NOTE: Click on the photographs for a larger view.


    • Dankie Una. Dit is omdat ek nie deur daardie gedeelte bestuur het nie dat ek soveel fotos met my selfoon kamera kon neem. Ek is bly dat jy dit interessant vind.


    • Wooden yokes / collars are often wired around the necks of goats that frequently escape. Their purpose is to stop the goats from breaking through fences or from getting their horns stuck between the fence wires when trying to escape. This is a common practice in countries such as the United States and Australia as well – especially with Boer Goats, which are renowned escapees. Ek is bly dat jy hierdie toer geniet 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dankie vir die inligting…ek voel tog dis bietjie wreed. In Botswana kniehalter (bind voorpote styf teen mekaar vas net onder die knieë) hulle soms die perde en donkies so erg, dat hulle skaars kan beweeg. Ek word woedend as ek dit sien.


    • See my reply to Perdebytjie above about the use of these yokes. I am pleased you are enjoying seeing a different part of South Africa.


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