The first two images were taken through the windscreen while we were driving along a very rough and very dusty road – hence the poor quality of them. Nonetheless, as the vehicle in front snaked along the sinuous curves and spewed dust into the air, a strange shape emerged in the distance: is that a man or a bird? From several corners away it was difficult to pinpoint the shape according to any known definition – of course it couldn’t be a bird, it was much too large. How could it be a man though?

The shape kept disappearing as we drove around corners or as it became engulfed with more fine-powdered dust.

Now you can see it is a man carrying a long pole – I will show him in another post too – that looks like lengthy extensions of his arms; almost bird-like if you have a fanciful imagination.

A few days later I chanced upon a Cape Wagtail – which you will meet again too – carrying nesting material and showing an odd resemblance to the man. That is if you apply that fanciful imagination!

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