The weather gods are laughing at me as I write this because the forecast temperatures for the rest of this week are all under 20 degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, look at what we experienced only a few days ago:

It has been glorious being able to don summery clothes again, sans warm jerseys or jackets, and even to walk around the house barefoot early in the morning without feeling chilly. Winter often has the last laugh though, for the end of August/beginning of September can be very cold indeed.

There has been no rain and so our garden is practically crisp and devoid of colour – except for this very last colourful leaf hanging onto the Virginia creeper:

This is the final flag of farewell to winter as we turn our thoughts towards spring – the birds have done so for some time already – and hope for rain, new shoots, and a season of new beginnings.

17 thoughts on “GOODBYE WINTER

  1. I wish it was spring here – we are getting ready for autumn, and I think it will be an early fall, then the dreaded winter – we had such a long harsh one last year. We had snow early in mid-November. How cold you your temp. get in the winter?


    • Our winter has been milder than usual – and dry – and the coldest we experienced was one day of about three degrees Celsius, which is cold for us as neither our homes nor the clothes we usually wear are geared for this.

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  2. I don’t think we had anything that can really count as winter this year at this end of the country, Anne, though we never had temperatures that high – probably berg winds blowing at the time? Anyway, there are so many young birds in juvenile plumage here that obviously had hatched in July – imagine that, supposedly mid-winter!


    • You are right, this has been a very mild winter. I have found eggshells in the garden and the Streakyheaded Canaries are already feeding young, while the weavers are all in full courting colours.

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    • So many of our trees are evergreen and those that do lose their leaves tend to turn a pale green to yellow to brown,thus we do not have spectacular autumn colours in the countryside. The Virginia creeper is not indigenous and provides attractive colours during the winter. The creeper is bare now and will soon sport tiny, fresh green leaves.


    • While we can expect most of our rain during the summer, we should get some rain throughout the year. The drought has persisted for several seasons already, which is why our town’s storage dams have run dry.

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