An interesting aspect of travelling is being able to see different species of the many birds South Africa is blessed with. Red-headed Finches (Amadina erythrocephala) are among the many birds I enjoy seeing when we travel up to Gauteng and beyond. Here a pair of them are sharing a branch with Cape Sparrows.

As you can see, they are similar in size to the sparrows. I loved seeing their red heads bobbing up and down as they eat grain from the feeder in this garden. I also saw small flocks of them out in the veld, but they moved far too quickly for me to capture them on film. The flecks of white on the undersides of these finches give them a scaly appearance.

NOTE: Click on a photograph for a larger view.

12 thoughts on “RED-HEADED FINCH

    • They are a delight to watch – common in drier parts of the country (well, considering we have had no rain for months, what are generally considered to be ..).


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