We have had to cover our pool to slow down the rapid evaporation of water during this drought. This spider emerged from underneath once we had unfolded the cover and flattened it out across the surface of the pool. It was not impressed.

We helped it out of the pool and watched as it moved along the brick surround. It clearly wished to find another peaceful place to hide.

The spider climbed up the side of a bucket nearby.

And, I can only think, bared its fangs at me!

We put it in the Spekboom growing nearby and its scuttled away quickly to find a new lair.

10 thoughts on “A SPIDER EMERGED

  1. Wonderful that you allowed him another day of service to you, Anne! Spiders are vital for our existence on this planet. Having spent 3 days in hospital following a spider bite to my face last year, then followed by 5 months of antibiotics for a resultant secondary infection, and having considerable liver trauma (that has thankfully healed) due to the extended antibiotic use, I think I have reason to be scared of them.


    • Spiders and I are not good mates – I am sorry to hear of your encounter with one; mine wasn’t nearly as bad, although I now have a scar the size of a 50c piece on my knee – but I live and let live for, you are right, they perform us all a good service and the world would be poorer off without spiders.

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