Tea and scones are a common request. What is not common is how your tea and scones will be presented. At some establishments you may have to remove your soggy tea bag from the cup yourself; you might be given a tiny teapot with no access to hot water to top it up; or you may simply be presented with your ready-made cup of tea and a minute jug of milk.

The scones can vary too, from over large crumbly ones to small, rather mingy looking ones. I have been served open scones already spread with jam and a dollop of cream; scones with separate small packaged squares of butter and jam that need to be peeled open; cold scones; warm scones that have clearly been warmed in a microwave straight from a freezer; scones accompanied with butter that is so hard it is un-spreadable.

Tea and scones might be a commonly requested refreshment, but the expectation one might have is not always matched with the reality. This archive photograph is a reminder of a time when the reality far exceeded our expectations:

We had wanted to break a long journey and stretch our legs and so ordered tea and scones for three. As we had confirmed that we all wanted the same tea, it arrived in a large pot. What a pleasant surprise: the scones were of a generous size, the butter balls were soft enough to spread easily, and the quantities of jam, cream and grated cheese were generous. So was the jug of milk. Notice the quilted cover for the handle of the tea pot too.

These factors combined to turn what might have been an ordinary stop along the way into a memorable occasion. It was a delight to sit back and enjoy perfectly warm scones along with piping hot tea. The scones were firm enough to hold their toppings, yet light and filling – just right for peckish travellers. Our teapot was topped up with boiling water so that we all ended up having two cups – such a refreshing break it turned out to be!


17 thoughts on “TEA AND SCONES

  1. A nice treat! The owners clearly care about repeat customers. πŸ˜‰ I noticed the added consideration of quilt to protect your hand from the hot metal…very nice!


    • It is so unusual to be on the receiving end of such good service that it has remained embedded in my memory. It is the attention to detail that counts in the long run.

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  2. I used to make my own scones as I got so fed up of never being able to get ones I liked – except in out of the way tea shops! Haven’t had a cream tea (that’s what they’re called here) in years. πŸ™‚ You go, girl – great to find somewhere that serves them the way you want. That said, me, I’d leave out the cheese… πŸ˜‰


    • Although I am familiar with the term ‘cream tea’, it is not widely used here. Most places offer cheese as well as jam – perhaps it is to provide a savoury alternative. What I find interesting in your comment is the “except in out of the way tea shops” for this place was off the beaten track too. Perhaps the pace is slower which allows for more care to be taken over the presentation?


    • Our enjoyable tea and scones experience was at the Walkersons Hotel near Dullstroom. We had often passed the sign of this place tucked well out of sight below the level of the main road and decided to nose in on a nothing ventured nothing won frame of mind. We were warmly welcome despite not being paying guests of the establishment, and I would happily return for the same should I be in the area again πŸ™‚


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