I was comfortably ensconced in an arm chair while reading in the lounge late the other evening. I was engrossed in the novel on my lap when I was quietly informed that I might like to look up. This is what I saw emerging from the folds of the curtain just above my head – I take it you are not surprised the photograph is not in full focus:

Unsurprisingly, I chose a different chair – from where I could look up and track the spider’s very slow progress across the wall:

It circumnavigated the room over the next two days before disappearing.


    • Alhoewel ek eers groot geskrik het omdat die spinnekop nie ver van my kop was nie, het ons ook vrede met mekaar. Ek hoop sy eet muskiete!


    • We are used to them, I suppose. I just don’t like such large spiders too close to me when I would rather concentrate on reading my novel instead of wondering where it is.

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  1. That’s a very leggy person… I don’t mind some spiders and positively do mind others. We had a small one (not this sort) in our downstairs toilet for about 18 months and I couldn’t clean the room because of it – its corner got absolutely filled with dust. Then one day recently I put her (yep, a girl) outside. She was very surprised.


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