Swans are not indigenous to this country. To me their elegance belongs in fairy tales and pictures from abroad. I remember being enchanted the first time I saw swans in England – what a beautiful sight! I was thus very surprised to see a Black Swan swimming among the reeds in local waters.

There it was, swimming happily among local waterfowl, looking quite at home whilst peering at its reflection in the rippled surface of the water at the Korsman Bird Sanctuary in Westdene, Benoni. Black Swans mainly breed in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia, which means these residents must have been imported here at some stage. At the beginning of this year I saw a South African online advertisement offering a four year old Black Swan for sale for R 7 500. At that price, I wonder how this one ended up in a bird sanctuary.

Black Swans have a red bill crossed with a white band.

I knew the collective name for a group of swans is a bevy, but am surprised that an alternative is a lamentation of swans!

16 thoughts on “ELEGANT BLACK SWAN

  1. Black swans are as irritable as they are beautiful – we were molested by one at a bird park in Boksburg not too long ago… It looks strange to see one alone, the movie cliche of a pair drifting around in unison and forming heart shapes with their necks must be to blame for that!


    • This is interesting, Dries. I didn’t know they were so aggressive – but then I have not seen one before. Were you walking through the bird park?I am wondering what provoked its attack.

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      • Yes, Anne, we were walking through the bird park when it leapt out of its pen to chase us. We hoped that it was defending a nest or mate and wasn’t simply aggressive by nature.

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