Aren’t we all migrants of one kind or another? We move from home to holiday in other places, or even to settle somewhere else for good because we prefer the climate; find the living conditions are better; the standard of education is more to our liking; or it is where we can find work that we find more challenging / satisfying/ better paid. The freedom to move is one we have tended to take for granted, whether it is going for a walk / run / cycle; going to shop; or for leisure. Now that so many of us are confined to our homes we are chafing at the bit to ‘get out’ and to be on the move once more. We are restless creatures.

With more time in which to observe the goings on in our garden, I am intrigued by the numbers and variety of butterflies flitting across the open spaces. Once we can visit the shops again I am going to have to find a more comprehensive guide to the butterflies we have in this country – there are so many of them waiting to be identified as they migrate across the country from one place to the next. At the moment, during our lock down period, butterflies epitomize freedom. In February I found an African Migrant sitting on a tar road while I was out walking. How delightful it was, only a few weeks later, to spot this one at a picnic spot in the Pilanesberg National Park – unbeknownst to me at the time it was to be my last outing before lock down!

So, here it is, going about the business of butterflies with the freedom to migrate as it pleases.

If I sound wistful, this is lock down Day Nine.

17 thoughts on “AFRICAN MIGRANT

  1. It is strange to be limited in our movements, making butterfly and other visitors even more welcome. Being confined to home though can be a spur to embark on unexpected explorations that one might otherwise not have thought of!


    • I fully agree with you. It is akin to the advice to ‘be a tourist in your own town’: we can do the same in our gardens – or reassess what we have accumulated in our homes.

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