… four birds in a tree. Granted, not all four are in the same tree.

The first is a Grey-headed Sparrow looking a little miffed at having been shoved aside at the bird feeder by a flock of Bronze Mannikins hard at work carting grain to their hungry youngsters perched nearby.

Next up is a coy looking Olive Thrush eyeing out the bird bath below.

An indignant Cape Weaver showed his impatience at having to wait for space at the bird feeder.

Lastly, a bright-eyed Speckled Mousebird surveying the prospects of food sources in the garden.

17 thoughts on “LOOK UP AND YOU WILL SEE …

    • Weavers are usually the main bullies at my feeders – it was the number of Bronze Mannikins and the urgency of their mission that kept the other birds at bay for a while.

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  1. Great photos, Anne. I think I have the perfect habitat for the olive thrush in my garden but he very seldom visits. But we do get the mousebirds, weavers and grey-headed sparrows almost daily.


  2. You’ll soon have a stiff neck from all the looking up, Anne!

    One of the new bird species we’ve seen in our garden these past two months is a single Cape Weaver – seems a young male – that pitches up once or twice a week. It’s easy to identify him as he has a malformed right leg, what caused it isn’t clear, and thus has difficulty perching on twigs.


    • It is strange how species come and go. Southern Masked Weavers dominated our garden for most of summer and now the Village Weavers are back in force. Black-collared Barbets used to be daily visitors until a few weeks ago and now pop in less frequently although I hear their calls daily.

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    • Mousebirds usually cling very to the branches and, from a distance, look remarkably like a mouse moving up and down a tree. This one is a particularly fine specimen.


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