I still call them Black-eyed Bulbuls (Pycnonotus tricolor) for old habits die hard. Nonetheless, Dark-capped Bulbuls are very welcome visitors to our garden. As you can see below, its upper parts are brown, extending to its chest, while its head is darker – doubtless lending ‘dark-capped’ to its name.

Its eyes, legs and feet are also black.

The yellow vent is the only colour they have.

Seeing the bulbul from the back, we can just make out the crest on the top of its head – this is sometimes raised more prominently.

Even though there is usually a variety of natural fruit available in the garden, the Dark-capped Bulbuls make a bee-line for the (mostly apples) I place on the feeding tray. I sometimes see them enjoying the nectar from aloes too.



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