The winter cold is associated with the end of a vibrant life cycle and a period of dormancy as shown by these leaves and the dead dahlia head:

Leaf litter

Dahlia head

Most of our trees are evergreen, as are the euphorbias and aloes:


Aloe leaf

The aloe flowers are both beautiful and provide important nutrition during this harsh season.

Aloe flowers

Blackjack seeds abound, just waiting to be dispersed.

Blackjack seeds

While self-sown cosmos make a brave start.

Cosmos seedling

17 thoughts on “WINTER GARDEN 2020

    • I guess you would laugh at what we call cold: neither our houses nor our clothes are geared for very cold weather as the winters are not that cold and where we live there is no snow.


    • The indigenous euphorbias here range from small succulents to very tall trees. This particular one is having a battle in my garden as the area it is in has become more shady over the years as the trees have grown – it is far too spiky to move easily.

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