Every autumn I look forward to the rivers of gold that hang from the trees and threaten to weigh down the shrubbery. The magnificent annual display of Canary Creeper (Senecio tamoides) blossoms has to be seen to be believed for the masses of yellow flowers, especially when highlighted by the sun, are a treat.

The prolonged drought must have finally taken its toll of what has been a real stalwart in the garden. I was delighted when the first clusters of blossoms opened and looked forward to weeks of more, along with the bees, butterflies and birds that they attract. Alas, this was not to be.

That ‘river’ of gold remained dry and after only two weeks the blossoms were gone, never having made much of a show at all. The flowering period usually lasts from late March until July. I have missed their delightfully aromatic scent and am left with their fluffy creamy white seeds. Now I might find one or two clusters peeping out in isolated spots, but no more. While the creepers should recover in spring and will hopefully drip with colour next autumn, this year’s autumnal treat was very short!


    • Yes, I am disappointed by beautiful flowers that carry little or no scent at all. The scent of these flowers usually permeates the garden in a most pleasant way.


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