Most of us are used to seeing enormous trucks driving along the main roads, carrying various loads from one place to another. The mechanical horse and trailer fit together like a cup and saucer – until one comes across a mechanical horse sans trailer, then it looks odd: too big to have what appears to be such a short wheel-base; the cab set far too high … the same applies to a gecko or a lizard that has lost its tail. Look at this one:

These marvellous creatures can sever their tails as a form of self-defence as the wriggling tail is quite likely to distract its predator. This self-amputation is known as autotomy (from the Greek ‘self’ and ‘sever’). There is no blood loss, and the tail regrows over several months. I have seen some with forked tails or rather skew tails too – possibly because they have not regrown properly.

16 thoughts on “NO TAIL

    • The more one observes, the more amazing nature appears to be – we have SO much to learn (or perhaps to relearn) for over time we have tended to distance ourselves from nature.

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  1. I agree that they look really lopsided without the tail, and dare I say they do seem to lose a bit of their sure-footedness too; it’s as if their movements become a little more measured as their balance must be affected to some degree.


    • I understand that the effect of the loss of tails has been quite seriously studied and the posture and gait really do change until the tail regrows. It must relate to the balance.

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