Why ‘green-banded’ when this visitor is obviously blue? According to my newly-acquired Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa by Steve Woodhall, the upper side bands can be either green or blue – that is useful to know. A number of these butterflies have been passing through our garden since May – most far too high up or too quick on the wing for me to photograph. That was until my eye was caught by this one while I was having tea with my cell phone at hand:

It obligingly stayed put when I had a closer look:

Whereupon it closed its wings:

Then opened them slightly before continuing its journey:


  1. It took a good search to find it in the first pic, a bit of a “Where’s Waldo?” challenge. 🙂
    I find butterflies tough to photograph, they do not invite close inspection!


  2. Glad you’re getting good mileage from your new acquisition, Anne!

    As for whether it is green or blue: I’ve learned long ago that my colourblindness excludes me from taking part in such conversations as I am usually the one leaving the ensuing argument with a bruised and battered ego.

    (P.S. It looks black to me, apart from the white stripe and blotches…)


    • The white stripe is actually blue – the cell phone does not pick that up. Still, I hope this will be the beginning of more interesting ‘captures’ with my camera once the butterflies start re-appearing in greater numbers and varieties.

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      • I’m with you there, Anne. Warmer weather can’t get here soon enough!

        Your overall impression of the guide? In my opinion Woodhall’s is by far the best SA butterfly-guide presently available (we have it in e-book format).


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