Of course you want to see elephants when you visit the Addo Elephant National Park, but do not expect to find them all over. As large as they are, a whole herd of them can ‘disappear’ in the bush so that you cannot see them, even though they may not be far off the road. Looking hopefully at broken off bits of vegetation on a no entry road is no help. No entry means just that.

Natural signs such as this on the road indicate that elephants have at least passed through the area. They often drop leaves or twigs whilst walking.

The signs on this road look promising: twigs and dung.

Ah! We are getting closer … scan the surrounding bush, but there is still no sight of an elephant.

They must be nearby!

Follow the signs and you may get lucky – these elephants were drinking at Rooidam.



    • It is amazing how often one cannot find elephants in the park. On this last visit they were all over the place, which made for some really interesting sightings.

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  1. Seeing their tracks and signs in the road always get’s the attention to peak in our vehicle too! Stopping to check which way the toes of the tracks are pointing, does it look like there’s a big bull with them, stopping to listen for tummy rumbles (because, as you say, that Spekboom thicket can swallow a whole herd in a second!), maneuvering past roadblocks and over landmines (careful not to squash the beetles!) and suddenly there they are!
    Ah, Anne, your lovely photos will have me daydreaming about our trip to Addo in December (hopefully) all day. Thank you so much!


  2. Ha ha – oh yes, I know that ”where are the elephants in Addo” feeling. I’ve been involved in tourism in the Eastern Cape for years, and I have sent 100s of people to look at elephants in Addo – because, well, there are lots of elephants in Addo, you can’t not see elephants in Addo. On a drive with my son a few years back, we experienced a crazy no elephant day. It was as if they’d all gone to some sort of elephant conference, far from the roads. On our way out, we at last saw a big old fellow about 50m from the gate.


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