Having already given you a sense of the expansiveness of the Mountain Zebra National Park, I am  going to show you some of the roads of discovery that run through it. This is the road leading from the entrance gate to the reception at the rest camp.

I love dirt roads with the grass and bush growing right to the edges. They spell adventure and immediately encourage a scanning of the environment on either side of it. What lies over that hump? What could be lurking behind that bush? What can we see in hidden in the dry yellow grass?

Usually the car park outside the reception area is filled with vehicles arriving and departing. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic it was empty, allowing a clear view of the Karee trees on the traffic island.

The late afternoon light not only lengthens the shadows of the grass but enriches its colour. The worn tracks indicate the narrow width of the road that winds through the patches of trees, allowing a view of the mountains stretching far into the distance.

See how this steep road winds down from the plateau to the valley below – and how the view stretches to forever and beyond!

24 thoughts on “ROADS OF DISCOVERY

  1. Oh wow, Anne – it’s as if I was in the car with you! I love the roads through Mountain Zebra National Park – my favourite stretch is on the “Link Road” between Rooiplaat and Ubejane where you drive past the little dam. We got to see a cheetah there on our previous visit.

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  2. This is amazing and fascinating to me. Where I live, we cannot get a view like this because the topography is so different. Trees are the order and of course buildings. 🙂


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