Apart from Cape Crows and Pied Crows, among the larger birds one sees in flight are raptors. After a time, one gets to know how to identify them in flight, but it is always a bonus to see one perching close enough to have a good look at. Southern Pale Chanting Goshawks (Melierax canorus) are fairly common here and are well worth stopping to observe. They have a habit of alighting on the crown of trees and even insubstantial looking shrubs – all too frequently a little too far to get a good photographs. We can nonetheless clearly see its long red legs and cere from this distance as well as its finely barred belly.

Being near-endemic to southern Africa, the Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk is most likely to be seen in drier areas, where the habitats are open. This one was perched a lot closer, giving us a good view of its strong, hooked bill.


  1. What a gorgeous bird. I was always impressed by the sheer variety of birds of prey that live in southern Africa. It’s such a cornucopia of wonderful wildlife…


    • It certainly is! We are fortunate to have the opportunity to see some of this wildlife in reserves set aside for them as well as having a variety of birds especially visiting our garden.

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      • After a trip to South Africa I always find myself looking at the tops of trees to see if there’s anyone interesting perching there. Very occasionally I see a buzzard 🙂

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