‘Drought’ is a word that regularly crops up in my blog posts – along with the rather faded colours of nature that accompanies such a phenomenon. We very occasionally receive a light shower of a millimetre or two (literally) that serves to settle the dust for a moment and freshens the air. In years past such droplets from the sky wouldn’t warrant a second glance. These days I want to capture their patterns to savour until such time as a ‘real’ rain comes to rejuvenate us all. The first of these shows rain on the windscreen of our vehicle – they had to be photographed before the windscreen wiper could be used!

Droplets on a pansy after an overnight sprinkling several weeks ago:

A droplet on a leaf highlighted by the morning sunshine:

Finally – not rain this time – a dead ant found in a droplet of water on the kitchen sink.


  1. Julle het nou al baie lank geweldige droogte, Anne. Ek voel net soos jy oor reën en vererg my bloedig as mense kla wanneer dit reën. Jou foto’s is pragtig, veral die miertjie.


  2. Oh, Eliza, one or two mm doesn’t really even sink into the dry ground – the soil under the leaves of the plants remains dry. That is why I rush around photographing droplets! Still, the ‘real’ rain will come eventually and we will all be able to rejoice.


    • Sadly, Joni, this drought has gone on for years – never enough rain to really soak into the ground. We keep hoping that ‘this’ will be the year of rain – only to have to wait again. The rain will come eventually but in the mean time the situation is becoming more dire for animals and people.

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  3. Oooh I see that the forecast has changed to say your area should get a few mm of rain mid-week. I really do hope it materialises. As the temperature drops rather dramatically we started getting a heavy drizzle this evening – I hope this rain is widespread.


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