In this way Romeo ruefully acknowledged that his stolen time with Juliet had ended and he would have to leave her.

We all know that a lark – wherever it may occur – fits into the category of ‘a small brown bird’. I find it difficult to tell them apart, probably because I have not had the opportunity to take a really close look at any of them. This time I think I am looking at a Rufous-naped Lark (Mirafra africana): I am happy to be corrected!

It is one of the more conspicuous larks I see perched along fences or atop bushes while driving through the Eastern Cape. As Romeo pointed out to Juliet, larks are among the early birds you can hear singing in the morning if you are fortunate enough to be out in the country .

To my untrained eye this looks as though it could be the Rufous-naped Lark, but where is the rufous? The wing panels are meant to be rufous …

I don’t see them – it may be another lark (a Sabota Lark?) after all. It is a lovely lark at least!

Post script: Don Reid (see in the comments below) has identified the lark as a Large-billed Lark (Galerida magnirostris). Thank you very much, Don. I shall do my best to remember the features you have kindly pointed out.


    • Baie dankie, Una. Ek ken nie die een lewerik van die ander nie, maar ek was so bly dat hierdie een lank genoeg stil gesit het vir ‘n fotograaf.


  1. The larks, pipits, warblers and cisticolas all bowl me out for a golden duck most of the time, Anne. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a beautiful photo when I see one, and these of yours definitely qualify.

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  2. Lovely photos Anne! You say you are happy to be corrected – I believe this is a Large-billed Lark – the front is not visible but would be heavily streaked and the heavy bill with yellow base is one of the distinguishing features. They have a very distinctive call – like a farm gate badly in need of oil


    • Oh Don, I admit to hoping you would be able to identify this lark for me – thank you VERY much. I will see if I can add a post script to this entry.


    • I am too; now I must remember the heavy bill with a yellow base and the call that sounds like a squeaky farm gate. That sounds simple until you see a whole lot of other larks!

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