Among the many pleasant aspects about staying over in a national park is that you get to know the birds and other creatures that visit your immediate surroundings. I was fascinated by the appearance of this Southern Rock Agama (Agama atra) basking on a nearby rock on our first morning in the Mountain Zebra National Park:

Wait! I hadn’t noticed there were actually two of them: the one in front is a female. Both of them blend well with the rocks they chose to bask on during the day.  The male is a fine looking fellow:

He had a wise look about him:

Seen on her own, the female is also rather attractive:

Although, she didn’t delight in the attention and opted to scramble up a wall:

Then, probably feeling threatened, decided to head south to where she could scuttle into a crevice:

19 thoughts on “SOUTHERN ROCK AGAMA

  1. The agamas are fascinating for so many reasons – colours and camouflage, behaviour, social organisation – and they’re undeniably cute! Your patient observations were beautifully rewarded, Anne.


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