An advantage of staying overnight in a national park – as opposed to a day visit – is that one can spend a longer time out instead of rushing to get to the gates before closing time.  We rounded a corner late one afternoon in the Mountain Zebra National Park and came across this Bat-eared Fox in the golden grass.

It was catching ants to eat.

This was a rather scruffy individual, yet a joy to come across so unexpectedly.

The Bat-eared Fox pounced on ants here and there, circled a few times, ran off a little distance, and then snuffled around again. Even though we were staying over, our time was running out and we reluctantly left it to return to the rest camp before dark.

21 thoughts on “BAT-EARED FOX II

    • They are fairly common in the more arid areas of South Africa. Unfortunately, I have seen more dead ones (road kill) than live ones as they are primarily nocturnal and start to leave their dens before dusk.

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  1. A strange looking fox! When you stay overnight in the rest camp, is there a lodge or are you camping in a tent without the luxuries of home?


    • This particular one is very scruffy! We usually camp in a tent – ablution blocks provide baths, showers and basins with plenty of hot water – although most rest camps also offer chalets with all the mod cons one would need for a short stay – like a self-catering cottage.

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