Flowers that fall under the generic term, ‘daisy’ are members of the largest group of flowering plants consisting of about 23 000 currently accepted species, spread across 1 620 genera. We find them in all sorts of environments, in different colours, and in various sizes and configurations. Despite the apparent delicate nature of their petals, they prove to be tough plants. These daisies have managed to survive the current drought and continue to provide a splash of colour in our garden:

One of the several orange and yellow Namaqualand Daisies grown from seed.

A type of Gazania – note how small its leaves are.

Bought from a nursery a few years ago, this Marguerite is a true survivor.

Van Stadens River Daisy – grown from cuttings taken from my mother’s farm garden.

An unknown survivor from a packet of mixed indigenous seeds planted three years ago.



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