The last time you saw this tea pot it had a large rain spider inside it. Here is a more sedate look at this lovely teapot given to me by my eldest granddaughters.

Tea and teapots make very welcome gifts for this Granny: they last a long time and carry with them the memories of the givers. This beautifully shaped teapot holds enough for three cups of tea.

Most importantly, the spout pours well – no messy drips and the handle is easy to grip.

This is the underside – a mystery to me.


23 thoughts on “ORIENTAL TEA POT

      • I think so too. I am very conservative when it comes to tea. I drink only conventional black tea and also, less often, white tea – both without milk and sugar. Where I am, white tea is only available in teabags but I see loose-leaf white tea can be ordered online from specialist tea suppliers elsewhere in the country.
        I used to drink rooibos but kind of went off it over time. I sometimes think I should make some chai (homemade brew) but have not got around to that yet. I am not crazy about the milkiness but its nice once in a while – for example, after a meal at a local North Indian restaurant – but we have not eaten out since the pandemic arrived …


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