Earlier this month we were treated to swirling clouds and a darkening sky followed by a short bout of rain.

If you look very closely, you might see a White-rumped Swift flying high against the clouds.

Puddles formed very quickly and the Urban Herd that happened to be grazing on the old golf course took advantage of the handy supply of water.

These puddles were very shallow and didn’t last for long.

I often wonder where these animals source their drinking water – these puddles must have been a boon to them.

Although the puddles were soon gone, the effect of that rain shower has been amazing in terms of greening up the grass and refreshing the other plants – apart from freshening the dust-laden air!

21 thoughts on “WHEN IT RAINED

  1. So good to hear! We are at the beginning of our rainy season here, though it’s common for most of the rain to come in winter and spring. Haven’t had any yet this month, other than a barely noticeable drizzle.


    • It is more likely that they find one of the many leaking pipes within the town – our municipality is not very proactive about mending them!


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