This was once the town’s golf course – a new one has been developed in more lush surroundings on the other side of the valley. On this very hot day it hosted part of the Urban Herd we call the Forest Cows. There is no forest here, but this particular herd seem to prefer the bushy hillside as well as grazing on this now open land.

There were about fifty of these animals, accompanied by a busy flock of cattle egrets. All looked peaceful. The scant shade was taken up by as many cows that could fit under the stunted trees. The rest basked in the hot sun.

The different shapes of the horns and the patterns on their hides are interesting.

We call the cow in the foreground The Master Hooter – mainly because we have often seen her apparently calling the herd together by bellowing loudly until they follow her. Meet the V Bull, so named because when he was much younger he sported a crudely scratched V on his flank. This has now stretched to be almost unrecognisable for he is now very large and bulky!

27 thoughts on “PASTORAL SCENES

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  2. They look content. Do you know we had a free ranging Ankole Watusi bull with his huge horns free ranging with the cattle here? I was out and about and took his photos. I had no idea what he was. He was more impressive then a Texas Longhorn. It was genius to protect the holler herd from the marauding coyote packs with a formidable African free range bull.

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  3. My husband and I used to enjoy walks around that golf course as students 40 plus years ago.
    How lovely that it has become an entirely different space since then, appealing to these marvellously “painted” free roaming cattle, the dog walkers and others you mention.
    Another lovely post!

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  4. It’s been years since I’ve seen cattle so I enjoyed seeing yours, but I wouldn’t want to tangle with the Master Hooter or the V-Bull!


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