One tires of simply walking around the block and getting barked at by the same dogs in the same places and stepping round the same sewerage leaks … every now and then it is good to walk to the end of the road and along the path decorated with (on this day) donkey droppings acting as a starter marker for a jaunt out of the suburb.

It doesn’t go far for it serves merely as a shortcut to the nominal industrial area and the road that bypasses the town. The area is not as barren or as uninteresting as it might appear at first glance. Tiny pelargoniums look up brightly:

Spiderwebs catch some of the 2mm of rain that fell during the night:

An abandoned hollowed out termite heap gives a glimpse of the layers inside – I am sorry about the litter, but felt disinclined to remove it sans gloves:

At the top of the low rise one gets a lovely view across town on this overcast day:

The return path wends it way through patches of long grass:

In several places termites have been hard at work repairing their heaps:

On our return, we meet a single cow with her calf:

24 thoughts on “TAKING THE PATH OUT

  1. Amazing what we can see if we take the time to look. Nature is so much more interesting than man made buildings etc.
    I liked the termites …. doing what termites do.


  2. A nice meander… I like to vary my walking routes too, and changing directions in which I walk a trail gives a different perspective as well. Our minds crave variety!


  3. Amazing what can be seen if one just takes the time to look closely. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk and the wider views, too.
    I do hope you get some soaking rains, soon! We in the Western Cape have great empathy with you and your interminably lengthy drought.


    • Thank you. I thought of the first as a possible title then rejected it because the path going up the hill is well trodden. I am pleased you found it interesting.


    • Sadly, unlike for you, it can be dangerous to walk away from the suburb on one’s own here. Lots of people – especially younger ones – do, yet all remain a target for attack. We thus have to choose routes carefully and preferably not walk in such places alone.

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  4. I have been feeling similarly about my neighborhood walks, but don’t feel like getting in the car to get out of the neighborhood, so I just haven’t been walking. Unless on the beach, which is definitely more of a commitment.

    The termite heap is most impressive!!

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    • There are severe termite heaps hear and it is amazing to see how quickly they set about repairing damage after a visit by an antbear (aardvark), accidental damage, or the rain.

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