Walk up the front garden path with me for a glimpse of our recently greened-up garden.

Next to the front door is a self-sown Zizyphus mucronata or Buffalo Thorn, known in Afrikaans as the blinkblaar-wag-‘n-bietjie (literally translated as a shining leaf wait-a-bit) tree because of their pattern of two thorns at the nodes, one of which faces backward.  Behind it is an Aloe ferox.

Dahlias – which come up only when the conditions are favourable – brighten one end of the front garden. They didn’t show themselves at all last summer.

Also self-sown are the cosmos that have bloomed for months now. The only difference since the first rain arrived is that the plants are growing taller!

This is one of several self-sown indigenous Senecio spp. which, I have discovered, make long lasting cut flowers – they look pretty in a vase mixed with cosmos.

Lastly, here is a colourful corner in the back garden – an indigenous mix other than a surviving nasturtium that must have grown from seeds dropped two summers ago. None grew last year for it was far too hot and dry for anything to survive.

44 thoughts on “A GLIMPSE OF MY GARDEN

  1. Thank you for this glimpse of your lovely garden. I particularly like your shaded pathway. Such a pretty walkway to your home.


    • I am glad to have provided an alternative to your snowstorm. Welcome to my ramblings – I hope you will enjoy popping in now and then.


    • Birds and creatures are regulars not subject to the ever changing rules wrought by the pandemic. I have welcomed many humans in the past – having tea in deep shade on a hot day is good – and look forward to more once it is safe to visit again. My garden has been my sanctuary this year!

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  2. What a lovely sanctuary Anne – for you and your visitors. Let us hope that during the course of next year human visitors can once again join you there to spend companionable time with you along with all the birds and other creatures that benefit from your garden.
    How nice to have a self-seeded buffalo thorn!


    • Thank you, Joni. Ironically we do not use it very often now, except when the odd visitor or delivery person comes. This is because we park behind the house and generally enter through the kitchen. This pathway is nonetheless a beautiful cool place to be during the summer heat.

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    • Thank you on all counts. I am not an avid gardener – no longer have the strength for that – but enjoy the creatures that visit it. I would like to see orange and yellow cosmos.

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