The old – on many farms and in the game reserves these windmills have been replaced by solar power.

The new – part of the Waainek Wind farm that has changed the landscape forever.

15 thoughts on “WIND POWER II

  1. I’ve met a man here in Iowa who still restores the old Aeromotor windmills. It’s such a joy to go by his place to fill my eyes with them. I can still hear their squeal as they turn and rotate.

    We’re being overrun by the hideous windvanes as well.


    • Your acquaintance is one of a rare breed these days. I have strong memories of the squeaks and squeals of the windmills as well as the clang and rattle of pipes bringing the water into a reservoir.


  2. I like both the old and the new. I am fascinated by the huge 400′ blades and see them more as art installations on a ridge top! Solar and wind power makes sense to me, as fossil fuels pollute the environment.


    • You are right about this. I am not so sure about the manufacture of solar panels though. We have got used to the blades on the ridge – they are quite noisy from close quarters though, but we live far enough away not to hear that.


      • Yes, I’ve heard that they are noisy close by. Here, most of our ridges are not inhabited due to the rough terrain, so it works well if they can build a road to access it.


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