The Woodlands Waterhole is very close to the Main Camp in the Addo Elephant National Park. While it is not very big, it is always worth slowing down when approaching it for more often than not there is something interesting to see. We watched an encounter between a buffalo that had been wallowing in the muddy pool and an elephant arriving for a drink.

A warthog took advantage of a quiet moment to slake its thirst.

An elephant family took over the waterhole for a while.

Once they had ambled off, a herd of zebra that had been waiting patiently in the wings arrived for their share of the water.

This and other waterholes are artificial watering points within the park – all greatly sought after during this long drought.


  1. Ah! Another delightful virtual adventure to set the mood for my morning, Anne! How fortunate you are to have been able to visit these game reserves over the years – your sharing them with us now, especially during these COVID days, is so uplifting for my soul 🙏🏻 Your photographs of the elephants and zebras so neatly lined up by type are awesome – and the lone elephant and buffalo encounter, “breath-catching”. Thank you!

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    • Addo is just over an hour away and so we try to go there every couple of months. It is still so very dry there that the waterholes are the main draw cards as far as seeing animals are concerned.

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  2. And who doesn’t love a Pumba!! We had some delightful close encounters with them at the Victoria Falls – they would come and feed right beside us and with their babies in the grounds of the Victoria Falls Hotel when we stayed there. Wonderful memories!

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    • I remember some fairly tame ones in the Skukuza camp in Kruger some years ago. Now that delight is a long trek away from here (and for you!) to visit often, sadly.

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  3. Some great shots of waterhole activity, Anne. I imagine maintaining these during the drought is critical. Are they natural or manmade with a cement base? Do they have tanker trunks to fill them?


    • Thank you, Don. I realise we are very fortunate to see animals like this and remain grateful that we live here to enjoy them instead of having to make a long trek from abroad!


  4. This made me chuckle: “While it is not very big, it is always worth slowing down when approaching it for more often than not there is something interesting to see.” Holy cats, I should say so! What a delight to see all those animals. Sure perked up my Saturday morning where the weather is gray and rainy.


    • Thank you, Belinda. We are always pleased to see something at this waterhole, which is one of the first one comes across when entering the park through the Main Gate.

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