Three hundred days …

Yes … it is 300 days since we lost our freedom to go where we want to and when we want to; since we had to cut face-to-face ties with family and friends and never quite renew them properly; since we last saw facial expressions and now have to rely on eyes to convey emotions when out in public. Three hundred days with more to come …

21 thoughts on “THREE HUNDRED DAYS

    • Thank you very much. We certainly are being tested and will come out of this stronger than before; more appreciative of what we have; and more determined to make positive changes all round.


    • Oh Laurie, I feel for you! We waited with bated breath in case yet another restriction came down on us before my youngest and her family could visit us briefly after Christmas – we hadn’t seen them for a year and their visit brought us GREAT joy. I hope a plan can be made soon for you to see yours.

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  1. It seems it is harder to adapt to a pandemic than it is to adapt to a war and yet this is a kind of war. So many lives lost. So many people affected in so many ways. It’s an awful situation and I want to vent like your zebra😁 But yes – this too will pass and the memory of the madness will soon fade.


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