Despite the resilience of the indigenous trees and other plants in our garden, I long for splashes of colour. Sadly, there is no spare water to sustain flower beds – or to grow vegetables for that matter. I nonetheless happened upon a neighbour switching on the garden sprayer the other afternoon to water her already lush-looking lawn. “My borehole gives me about an hour’s worth of water daily,” she explained, looking around her beautiful garden. I returned to our garden and the colour that brightens up the area closest to our house. Marigolds are a reliable source of robust colouring, whatever the weather, that do not require a lot of water.

Growing flowers in containers is the best solution during this drought: easy to water, easy to move around, and not expensive to fill.

These containers lift my spirits when I turn the corner.

As do the frangipani flowers that are unfurling this month.

22 thoughts on “THERE IS COLOUR TOO

  1. Flowers do lift the heart. I’m surprised your neighbor is allowed to water her lawn. It may be her well, but the water table it taps is probably used by many. She may regret using it so profligately one day.


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