One of the best places, other than in my garden, to watch Cape Robin-Chats (Cossypha caffra) in action is Jack’s Picnic Site in the Addo Elephant National Park. There they have become so accustomed to the regular ebb and flow of human visitors that they happily perch in the shrubbery – and even on the picnic tables – while they watch out for a morsel of food. Here is a sample of some of the many photographs I have taken there of these absolutely delightful birds.

Occasionally a Cape Robin-chat will alight next to one’s vehicle as soon as the doors are open – quite ready to inspect the picnic fare.

Indeed, it has already found what may be a sunflower seed among the gravel – left by a previous visitor to the picnic site.

This one is perched on a wooden step leading down to a picnic site. Its gaze is quite intense.

You can tell that this Cape Robin-chat has a wary look about it.

This youngster is already learning the ropes and is keenly watching the ground on the off chance that some food might appear.


  1. And very different from our robins. When spring comes, I will try to get a picture so that you can see the difference. Yours is such a darling bird. I especially the white stripes above the eyes. They give the impression of emphatic eyebrows.

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  2. I’m woken up every morning by the delightfully tuneful song/chatter of a pair that inhabit our garden. They’ve produced two lots of offspring in the past few months and we feel so very blessed sharing our space with them. They are fed mealworms twice daily and come looking for me if I’m a bit late.
    Your photos as always are quite lovely, Anne!

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    • What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to watch their families grow! Thank you for your kind words, Desirée, which I really appreciate.


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